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Harold and the Fountain

March 17, 2012 1 comment

So, I completely forgot that the week before I wrote Moments Are Forever, Chuck Hogan had run a Short Short Story Contest over at Terribleminds. Just how short, you might ask? Try no more than five sentences, with a total of 100 words or less. Not so simple, eh? Anyway, I enjoyed the challenge, and it was much harder getting my story into five sentences than I had anticipated. I also never gave it a title, so something simple will have to do now. I hope you all enjoy!

Harold and the Fountain

After decades of searching, Harold had finally found the Fountain of Youth. His oft-ridiculed theory had proven correct: it was clearly alien in origin. The warm, viscous liquid soothed his ancient limbs as he waded into the shallow pool, and he sighed with relief as his whole body began to tingle. Several moments later, he gasped in horror upon realizing his heart had ceased beating. A pulsing light mocked him from across the basin, and, with the last of his strength, Harold lunged for the button.

© Avri Burger 2012

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